Am I the Only One?

Am I the Only One?

Everytime you’ll read this statement, you’ll definitely picture a crestfallen person thinking of his problems. And you can’t help it, the nature of the statement is such.

But if you look at it, this statement is actually relative in natue. It is used differently in different situations. And everytime with a different meaning. For example, “Am I the only one not doing anything this weekend?” or “Am I the only one who is wearing a necktie in the party” or perhaps, “Am I the only one who takes his time to figure out between the vertical and horizontal lines?” It is a question which pops up in everybody’s mind umpteen number of times, Am I the only one?

It comes to my mind as well and I am going to share the questions I face, the first one being, “AM I THE ONLY ONE CONCERNED ABOUT THE MAN’S ISSUE?”  Yes, and here, I am talking about women’s safety, which is indeed a Man’s Issue. I do not need to write the importance that a woman holds in the society. She gives life and this only is a tremendous favour she does to the society, without her, there’s no life. There’s a reason why nature is called MOTHER NATURE. It is utterly insensitive and stupid to blame a woman for her being molested or raped, to tell her that it was because of her way of walking or the short dresses she was wearing which lead to what happened. I want to say this loud and clear, that no one asks for it. It is one’s own personal choice what one wants to wear. It is totally my choice if I want to cover my body fully, partially or wear nothing at all but that doesn’t give anyone a right to harm me.

Today, ladies do not feel safe roaming anywhere after sundown and that –  dear readers is a Man’s Issue, ladies cannot trust a stranger for some help and safety – that is a Man’s Issue, she has to live prepared, scared all the time – that is a Man’s Issue. Just imagine a world where all the sexes live for one another, protect one another and live fearlessly. But that will be a state of utopia. Is that even possible? Well, that completely depends on us, on all the men out there. So,  to all the men,  be a MARD,  in all of its senses Men Against Rape and Discrimination!!

Another question which pops up is, “AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS ABOUT HER MUM?” No, I am not boasting about anything but have you ever wondered, How you have clean clothes everytime you open your cupboard? How you have clean glasses everytime you want water? You dump them in the washing machine and the sink after using them, then how do they magically reappear back to the place where they were and in a much-improved condition than you left them?

Just a word will sum it all, “Mumma” yes, she is the magic behind all this.

I realised that what a commendable job each and every mother does when offered my mom to help her with the dishes for the day.  Almost midway through the work, it struck me, this is tough! And mumma does this plus a hell load of other work tirelessly, selflessly and that too without even asking for anything in return. I’ll not pen down what all you can do to make your mumma feel good. Respect her, help her, talk to her nicely, this, that, no. You just need this realisation which I went through and it will come when you become your mom once,  fill into her boots, just once. Believe me, you’ll love it.

Now the last question which comes is, “AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO IS IN A BATTLE OF MY OWN?” We all are in a battle of our own. How good it would be if we could set a difficulty level for our lives. Easy, Normal, Hard, Professional. But woefully, life is not a game of XBox, it is bitter, it automatically alters the level of difficulty we all face.

Life is a mystery box full of surprises, Joys, Sorrows, Pain, Smiles and what not. Everyone has his box. Each one with a different set of challenges, different problems. I am sure, if someday we all keep our problems on a table to exchange with other people, we all will quietly take back our own ones and head back. Because the problems one faces at any point in time are the toughest.

In compendium, I can just say,

“let the spark in you ignite, own the night like Diwali sky”

Face the challenges with a more vigorous attitude than they are headed towards you.

I love this line, “When the going gets tough, get tougher!” So just wink at the problems and get tougher.

This message is sent to the millennial generation, because its this generation which has to be a change agent and if not transform, then at least transcend the society.

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