Abhishek Hatwal

Tech Partner
Abhishek Hatwal, based in Rishikesh India with an Engineering degree in Computer Science and MBA in Marketing,, carry diverse experience from working for corporates to teaching in college and to being an entrepreneur. Over the years he has been involved in mentoring and coaching students to realise their true potential and put them to use with their career aspirations.

Over the years he has been working on setting up businesses in partnerships and helped them operate at success levels. These businesses ranged from setting up chain of restaurants to small scale food cafes to technology support on websites and digital marketing.

After years of making success as a habit I finally decided to setup a digital agency running as Creative Masters. The Agency specialises in WordPress Development, SEO and Social Media. He initially hired a few students as freelancers from the college he was an Assistant Professor with an intent to train them and to provide hands-on industry experience. Today’s date all of the team members employed with him are the ex-students. The transformation from giving trainings to becoming a successful business has changed lives of many.

With Golden Sunrise team, I am their Technology Partner and a Transformation Coach working to make differences in lives of the individuals we Coach.

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