Today even men understand the importance of appearance management in their personal and professional life.
A graduate boy is always seen as very conscious yet confused about his attire for an interview meeting.
Our image coach Neelofar Siraj conducted a workshop at ProEdge Services on DRESS YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS
The workshop focused on Importance of appropriate Attire as per roles and goals,
Power dressing, men styling.

The workshop was much appreciated by the Participants.

Anshul Kapoor, Entrepreneur, Divine Interiors: Neelofar’s workshop gave me the opportunity to learn techniques for the better sense of dressing in organizations be it while attending meetings or catering to employees within my organization. I gained a lot of value and insights from him. It was an engaging session

Amit Uppal, Partner, ProEdge: This workshop was engaging and very insightful. Neelofar connected with the audience and could make them go through the nuances of better dressing in their respective work lives. She brought up details of dressing which commoners are totally unaware of, and can very well use to improve their image for success.

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