Journey Toward Making Difference

Journey Toward Making Difference


Our team walked its first step towards the transformation of lives of kids and women living in slums of Kalkaji on April 14th, 2018.

We got introduced to them just a week back, but connecting with them on a more personal note this week didn’t seem so impersonal. We could find the common connect really soon -connect of humanity, emotions, and aspirations.

Our team members Nitin Tyagi & Dr.Anju Chawla made themselves available for kids in the time slot of 4-5pm & there were 30 plus kids in the coaching session, all full of joy, smiles and lots to say.An apt environment to start off our session.

We started with a small prayer to bring them all in the state of mindfulness. Then the baton was passed in their hands, all cheerful kids introduced themselves in a few lines and applauded for each soul present under the open sky!!

We were surprised and pleasantly happy to find that most of them had a good and healthy habit that of playing. A few enjoyed playing the game of cricket & others loved to play the most common game of Kho-Kho.

There were a few who would go and help their mother’s in daily household chores. Best was all went to school and also were sincere towards their studies and attended tuitions. While in conversation with them when asked to share a good habit each one raised their hands. It seemed like a F1 race ground wherein the drivers roar their cars to reach the finish line first.

All of them shared wonderful good things with us to list a few we should not mock each other, we must study for better life, respect elders, take bath daily, keep our surroundings Clean and the list goes on.

As the session was coming to an end for them we were emphasizing on channelizing their energy levels & to understand them however they wanted to stay for one more session, which was a clear indication that we could establish a connection and rapport with them & that now the doors to their heart were open for us to befriend & facilitate them.

Now the next session had few adult participants though few in number but the one who was present were with their will & heart. Being Adults they had different expectations from this session.

One of them shared her fear which was near to a self-limiting belief and it was addressed by us for a thought process to start. A lady from the group had an aspiration to move out of the area we admired her dream and explained to her the difference between an intent and a compelling goal. She agreed to the fact that it’s a sense of purpose that brings passion and in turn, the passion inspires one to be motivated.

We debriefed the session for them, requested them to spread their feedback amongst other fellow mates so that next time we have a large gathering to talk to and to resolve things for them and truly be able to bring about a change by acting as a changing catalyst in their lives!!


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  • Prashant
    August 9, 2018 8:42 pm 0Likes

    Great Initiative, Great work, Keep Going….All the Very Best

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