Were you Rejected because of your first impression in the first meeting for marriage

Were you Rejected because of your first impression in the first meeting for marriage

Even in 21st century there are people who believe in arrange wedlock’s,for a reason that their family preference or while busy in making carrier one leaves this decision again on family or not able to find dream person or they couldn’t connect with some alike or opposite or their belief in arranging wedlock rather than free choice.

Be Calm and Composed

And here starts the whole process of matchmaking, the boy or girl starts seeing pictures and exploring matrimonial sights to find the love of their life. Sometimes it’s a close aunt, uncle or friend as well who shows interest and get proposals for you. In the whole process, there is a lot of pressure, confusion and anxiety which builds and finally on the day of meeting one only forget how to present an appropriate image build Report to know each other batter.

Remember the other person has already a picture in mind which may be your first Impression.

We all have heard umpteen number of time that the first impression is the last impression. It’s almost true because without you even utter a single word people form an impression about you whether they really want to have any kind of relationship with you or not. you are lucky enough if you get a second chance especially in case of arranging wedlock where one meet a person with many expectations and a picture already in mind of person they want to spend their life with.

Manage your Image well

For this special day, people also choose to dress up as casually, I have also come across people who wear branded bathroom slippers and shorts thinking they look cool and represent metro city style and this is applicable for men than women. Most of them believe in representing their true self, but the question is, what is their understanding of representing their true self?

Why only for a job interview people believe in representing themselves well and prepare hundred times then also they are so conscious that they don’t make a single mistake which leads to rejection. It’s not about to be pretentious but to carry an appropriate image. Which is much need even in personal relationships as well

Build Report First to have the healthy conversation

Both boys and girls take the first meeting casually thinking they have just started meeting and doesn’t really care, about the words they choose to communicate and start throwing questions one after the other and there are obvious questions which is being asked, I don’t believe you never had a liking towards anyone before, why do you prefer arrange marriage and they should rest assured that they don’t get a call back. Few questions can only be answered when there is the report of 2 people.  Rather ask what do you think about marriage is a better question and try leads to healthy conversation. Which may lead to next meeting if you are able to build a good report.

Based on your first impression you have created, the other person will decide whether the meeting will last for 1 min or for one hour.

Here are few tips which will help you create a great first impression and will help in building a good report.

First Meeting Etiquette for Men

  1. Ask the girl which time of the day and place she is comfortable for the meeting
  2. Be waiting for her when she arrives so that she doesn’t have to wait to stand at the uncomfortable place around.
  3. Dress well, A collared shirt, basic chinos or jeans, nice pair of a watch and you are good to go. Don’t forget to wear a nice fragrance.
  4. Ensure your phone is on silent that’s the great way to Compliment the girl by giving her undivided attention
  5. Keep the conversation light ……Find out the common interest or talk about the weather or traffic, the decor of the restaurant to begin with, and make the atmosphere more comfortable to know each better.
  6. Avoid asking the same question if you have asked before
  7. Be sophisticated, don’t showcase casual attitude
  8. Be focused to yourself, do not ask her if she has been meeting with some other boy as well or if it’s her first meeting with you.
  9. Excuse yourself before the end of the meeting to pay the bill out of sight, it’s a stylish touch, however, if the girl Insist to split the bill go for It.
  10. If its late evening ensures she is home safely asking her to drop you a message when she is home. Restrict yourself, do not offer a lift until unless the girl tells you and don’t rush towards her car to open the door for her.

Etiquette for Women

  1. If traditional attire is not your style than avoid wearing one on your special day and go for an Indo-western look.
  2. Long skirt, divider pants team it up with Top/ long kurti, a scarf/shrug, nice kitten heels and you are ready to go
  3. Choose a place which is comfortable and you both are able to talk without getting disturbed.
  4. Respond to compliment with a simple “thank you”.
  5. Keep your phone on silent, you might be meeting the most important person in your life.
  6. Don’t fiddle with your hair, nails, face or keep your phone on the table, it will be a distraction for both of you.
  7. Don’t try the dish you have not had earlier so It’s always safe to order a dish you are unlikely to spill, splash, drop so go with penne, light sandwich, and dry cake.
  8. Remember it’s not a job interview so talk about families during your conversation.
  9. Ask all relevant questions and avoid making any strong statement if you have a different opinion.
  10. Smile genuinely

Wish you good luck for your next meeting, let me know how these tips were of help.




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