The Power of Being Unique

The Power of Being Unique

You, yes you..!! I am talking to you. Do you know you are so unique in this whole wide world? There is no one else like you. Your body, soul, beliefs are all unique to you and they define who you really are.

Yes, we are all unique beings, we all have tremendous amount of power within us and when we understand this and unleash that power, we become fearless and take a step closer to what we want to be. On one hand, we get influenced with other people and try to be like them, yet we remain unique. On the other hand, there are many people whom we influence and they try to be like us, yet they all remain unique in their own way. A person is programmed by the environment he has grown in and the people he has lived with. A child tends to behave in a manner his parents and elders are behaving. Everybody has a different belief system, so a given situation will have different impact on different people depending upon their respective maps of mind. So come, let’s explore certain aspects of our unique lives, and let me tell you, each one of you is going to relate with these aspects in your own way.

We adapt to certain beliefs and values at a very young age, blindly following what the elders of our family are following, without questioning them. Certain beliefs keep getting programmed in our minds when we grow up, probably by influential people in our lives. We assume them to be true and never question them. But with the arrival of our first wisdom tooth, we start feeling that some of them are really irritating, meaningless and wrong, still, we follow them. Because of the fear that if we don’t follow them, something bad will happen to us, it’s imprinted in our subconscious that deeply. But if following them is bothering you so much, why don’t you edit them for our convenience, or even better, why don’t you stop following them? Have you considered setting up your own belief system which works for you, so that you don’t have to compromise on your dreams because of certain beliefs set by others? Why let somebody else dictate your life?

Try it, and believe me, you will see the difference in your lives, of course on a positive note. You are influencing many people, in turn, a good change you bring in your life will bring a revolution in the society. And that’s what is required to change this world for the better. We tend to become conscious of repercussions of the actions we take. What will people say, how will they react? No matter what you do, you can’t please everyone in this world. So why not be in the company of right people? And in turn, why not stop judging others too? We come across many situations in life; good, bad and ugly. We tend to frame these life situations in a problem-oriented state, which leads to the limitation of choices to deal with them and come up with excuses to justify them. But if you consider changing your approach from problem-centric to result centric, you will automatically find hope and resources to achieve your result. Always remember, we have all the resources within us to tackle any situation we face in our life. They are in abundance and reside in our subconscious. All we need to do is to awaken our subconscious to get access to those resources. Once we realize this, we are able to handle any situation, how-so-ever bad or worse it may be.

Our body and mind are part of the same system, they are each other’s strength and weakness. Our endeavor should be to strengthen them. There will be situations in life when one of them becomes weak by either a physical ailment or a stressful disturbance of mind. And this weakness will tend to affect the other part too. But you have to start strengthening the other part and believe me, you will see how beautifully they heal each other. You may not be successful in your first attempt, but the mantra is, keep trying !!

Let’s talk about success and failure. We all want to be successful because it gives us immense happiness and confidence to go ahead. But when we fail, it devastates us and that often leads to giving up. Let me be blunt, nobody likes failure but everybody comes across it in one way or the other. But let me tell you something, there’s nothing known as the failure. You never fail, you only get feedback or learning from that experience. And whatever feedback you get, it adds to your valuable life experience. It becomes failure only if you give up. They are your opportunities, you just have to recognize them and grab them with both the hands and you will see how they will shape your future. So keep trying and replace your failure with feedback and learning, you will surely rise like a Phoenix and That’s how you will evolve as a successful person.

Always remember, you are your best motivator, so try your best and challenge yourself every day. Embrace yourself, accept yourself with all your strengths and flaws. Take responsibility for your choices and take pride in all that you do.Be honest with yourself and with others and show gratitude and kindness with your words and actions. And when you’ll look back at your life after the arrival of your 4th wisdom tooth, you’ll marvel at the actions
you took. These learnings, if implemented in your life, will transform your fears into confidence you despair into desires and your worries into actions.

So keep learning every day and enjoy this unique journey of your life, have lots of fun and enjoy this transformational change in you.

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