World Transformation Day : 7th April 2018

World Transformation Day : 7th April 2018

Team Golden sunrise the official coaching partner of WTD organization.

An initiative to make difference and make this world a better place to live in for each and
every single soul on this earth.

On the 7th of April 2018 Golden Sunrise team started the journey by participating in the lives
of less fortunate kids and adults in the slums of Kalkaji Delhi by participating in the world
transformation day event. This event was attended by 40+ kids and their parents living in
the slum area.

Mr. Nitin Tyagi the founder of Golden Sunrise opened the session by introducing the coaches
and how each coach is going to help them achieving their desired goals in life.
Coach Anju (Life Coach) took over the lead and shared the Importance and Power of
Dreams with the kids and parents attending the session in a story format.

A story about a little boy and the challenges he faced in his life, who had to struggle even for
food to survive. Lost his eyes and all his near and dear once. With all these events
happening in his life he didn’t stop dreaming and didn’t lose hope. How he found the
opportunity being in the situation he was and how he made it a success.

His determination today has made him somebody from nobody. Now the kid’s curiosity
level had increased and they really could feel the connect, and got curious to know the
name of this gentleman which was later disclosed by coach Anju.

The intention to share this story was to strengthen the belief of these innocent souls was
that they should first believe in having a dream for themselves. Because of the tough life they
live in they are made to believe that dreams are not meant for them
After one and half hour session, everyone sitting there including parents had a something or
the other desire to share.

Coach Nitin and Coach Anju made it a success by enabling the kids to have dreams for
themselves in the journey of transformation their lives.
Towards the end of the session, the kids came forward to ask what time, a day each coach
will be coming to coach them.

And here onwards team Golden Sunrise spend few hours every weak with the kids and
parents so that can also see a Golden Sunrise in their life.

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